Coming to Peak House

Coming to Peak House is a huge step. It takes a lot of courage to make the decision to leave behind all that is familiar and to walk through the doors of a program like this. Youth who have gone through the Peak House program have said that the first 2 weeks of the program can be the hardest part. Here’s what they’ve said:

  • “I was used to doing whatever I want whenever I want, the schedule and guidelines can be hard to get used to.”
  • “Homesickness was hard for me.”
  • “Cravings were around a lot at first. I had to find ways to keep busy, especially during free time.”

We’ll support you in figuring out ways to get through struggles at Peak House but there are some things you can do before you arrive that may help…

  • Get familiar with the program. Call Our Intake & Assessment Counsellor and ask any questions you have. (No question is a bad one!)
  • Read through the handbook or have someone go through it with you.
  • Make a plan to cut down your drug and alcohol use. Talk to your A & D counsellor about whether or not you need to go to detox. We ask that you have 7 days free from using all drugs and alcohol before you get here.
  • Keep meeting with your A & D counsellor.
  • Start thinking about who will support you while you are in the program.
  • Think about your phone list. For the first 4 weeks your phone calls are limited to family/caregivers and supportive professionals. You will be limited to 2 calls a week/5 minutes per call for the first 2 weeks. Supportive friends and partners can be added to your phone list half way through the program. You can write letters to anyone you wish in order to keep the people in your life updated on your work.
  • Check out the program guidelines. If there are certain guidelines that will be hard for you, start thinking of how you can handle them.
  • Decide who you want to tell about coming to Peak House. Start letting those people know.
  • Get some experience with group work. Maybe check out a meeting or a support group in your community.

Here’s what some residents of Peak House said helped them:

  • “The residents and the staff were welcoming. I was scared but they helped me feel more comfortable.”
  • “When it was hard, I thought about what I wanted to get back in my life- I remembered what I didn’t want anymore.”
  • “I tried not to spend too much time in my room. I played cards and hung out in the living room.”
  • “The weekend outings were fun. Staying busy really helped.”
  • “It got way easier after the 2nd week – then it went by fast.”

If you have any questions about coming to Peak House, call us at 604-253-6319. See you soon !!