Information Guide



Upon pre intake visit and during your intake both youth and caregivers will be provided with an intake package with further details on program schedule, components and guidelines.


Costs to be Paid by Caregiver/Guardian Prior to Intake

Upon entering the program, $200.00 to be provided by the caregiver/parent (at intake). A breakdown of costs follows:
– $100 allowance ($10/week for 10 weeks)
– $100 deposit (Deposit will be used to cover costs of prescriptions not otherwise paid for, personal hygiene products and may be used to cover cost of willful damage to the house or property if necessary. This deposit is refundable in full if not used for any of the above).

What to Bring/Clothing List

Peak House is dedicated to helping adolescents develop positive, life affirming skills and attitudes. Items brought into Peak House should be compatible with this goal. Clothing, literature or music that promotes hateful, obscene, drug-related or other inappropriate themes have no place here. Please do not wear revealing clothing.  Clothing guidelines are applicable to all genders.

General Clothing
• Jeans/pants
• Shirts
• Underwear & Socks
• Sweatshirts or sweaters
• Coat/jacket- suitable for rain or, if in winter, cold/wet weather
• Shoes
• Pajamas & Bathrobe
• Slippers
• One piece or two piece bathing suit- (must be suitable for fitness- NO string bikinis)
• Swim towel- IMPORTANT
• 2 towels for hygiene etc – IMPORTANT
• Flip flops (for pool, showers, etc)
• Fitness wear (track suit, sweats, shorts- suitable for working out in)
• T-shirts
• Shorts
• Day pack/ gym bag
• All personal hygiene products (including soap, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, tweezers, nail clippers) NO MOUTHWASH
• Feminine hygiene products
• Cigarettes, if planning to smoke during program (MUST BE PROVIDED BY CAREGIVER) – please, no cigarillos, flavoured cigarettes or cigars allowed
• Alarm Clock
• MP3 player
• Umbrella
• Long distance phone cards (if calling long distance)

NOTE: Residents are not to bring in cell phones, digital cameras, any video recording device, any item than can connect to the internet, magazines, nail polish, nail polish remover or mouthwash.