Q: How long is the program?

10 weeks. For more information see our Program page.

Q: Is your program licensed and accredited?

Yes!  We received the maximum accreditation period through CARF.  We are also a registered  licensed facility and a registered charity.

Q: Who can come to Peak House?

If you are between 13-18 (inclusive) and have a willingness to get your life back from drugs, including alcohol we welcome your referral.

Q: What does Peak House look like? Is it like a hospital?

Peak House looks like a house; it is located on a residential street in Vancouver. It does not look like a hospital. Youth have told us that the house feels comfortable, warm, safe and welcoming. To see images of the house click here.

Q: What about school?

Only Peak House residents attend our school. The program is run by a certified teacher, and employee of the Vancouver School Board. Academic instruction takes place Monday through Friday for 1.5 hours in the morning. For more details on our school click here.

Q: How come I can’t access the referral package?

The referral package is password protected. Your Alcohol & Drug Counsellor will be able access it with a password.

Q: What if I don’t have an Alcohol & Drug Counsellor?

To find your nearest Alcohol and Drug counsellor contact the Alcohol & Drug Information & Referral Service at 1-800-663-1441 or look in our ‘resource’ section on this website. Our Intake & Assessment Counsellor is happy to help you if you need assistance.

Q: How long is the waitlist?

It varies, sometimes we have a bed available right away, and other times there is a wait list. Contact our Intake & Assessment Counsellor for our current wait times.

Q: Can I use the phone, check e-mail or get mail?

There is no access to e-mail at Peak House. Phone calls and mail are limited to family, caregivers and professional contacts for the first 30 days. After 30 days you will discuss other supportive people you might want on your contact list with staff.

Q: Is this a 12-step program?

We do not think that any one model, theory, framework or program has a monopoly on what is effective for all persons struggling against problems. We are not a 12-step program, but we do go to two NA or AA meetings per week.

Q: What do I do all day?

Peak House is a pretty structured program; it’s hard to get bored around here. For our complete daily schedule see our Schedule page.

Q: How do I get in and what does it cost?

If you have looked over the website and talked to your Alcohol & Drug Counsellor and think that Peak House might be a good program for you, the first thing you need to do is get in your referral package with the help of your Alcohol & Drug Counsellor. For more info on our intake process click here.

Peak House does not cost money; it is funded through a contract with Vancouver Coastal Health. We do ask that you provide a $100 deposit to cover costs of prescriptions not otherwise paid for, personal hygiene products and may be used to cover cost of willful damage to the house or property (i.e. graffiti), if necessary. This deposit is refundable in full if not used for any of the above. As well as $100 for your allowance while you are here ($10/wk).

Q: What if I want to leave?

Peak House is a voluntary program. If you decide we are not the right program for you, you are welcome to leave. We ask that if you choose to leave the program early you arrange this with staff so that we can ensure you leave in the safest way possible.

Q: What kind of activities do we do?

In addition to the daily schedule, we also do a lot of fun stuff. Some of our past activities have included swimming, going to the PNE/Playland, attending Pow-Wow’s, art activities, trips to the beach, hiking, camping, kayaking and rock climbing, hockey games, attending music concerts and plays. See our Activities page for more info.

Q: What Should I Bring?

Check out our Information page. Details of what to pack are listed in this section along with the items we ask you don’t bring into the house. If you have specific items you are unsure about contact our Intake & Assessment Counsellor for clarification.

Q: What about candy and caffeine?

We ask that you don’t bring in any candy or other snack food. Coffee is available in the am.

Q: Can I bring my i-pod or mp3 player?

You can bring an mp3 player but you can’t bring any device that has wifi, camera, or video recording. Some youth have found it helpful to bring in an inexpensive basic mp3 player rather than their i-pod.

Q: What if I need to see a doctor?

We have a doctor that comes to the house once a week. Of course, if you need to see a doctor for any medical emergencies we will make sure you get the attention you need.