Program Components

Community Group
– Check-in & discussion of group business

– Four days per week 1hr 30min
– Individual academic plan and or career planning

Re-Authoring Group
– Group therapy

Gender Group
– Gender focussed discussions.  Inclusive of all genders/expressions & identities.

Discovery Group
– Life-skills, relapse & aftercare planning

Creative Expression
– Photography, pottery, jewelry making, painting, arts and crafts

Physical Fitness
– Activities include swimming, light hikes, yoga, going to the gym

Community Support Groups
– Youth attend either AA or NA meeting

Community Outings/Education
– Community outings such as the Art Gallery, wildlife refuge, theatre performance, Science World, Museum of Anthropology or other events in the community

Community Resources
– Guest speakers from community resources come to Peak House to present on topics such as: health, GLBTTIQ, media awareness, culture, spirituality and nutrition.

Acupuncture / De-stress Group
– Registered acupuncturist provides opportunity for relaxation, de-stress and help with cravings

Individual / Family Therapy
– Family meetings are also available and encouraged

Healthy Tuesdays
– lifeskills and information regarding health, sexuality, gender, and related topics