Intake Process

Our Intake Process

Once we have received your referral package, our Intake & Assessment Counsellor will review it, and bring your referral to our Assessment Review Board.

We rely on the referring counsellor(s) to submit a complete referral package.  Youth with an incomplete referral package will not be placed on our wait list, or considered for intake until a complete referral is received.

Once a referral is accepted and a match in service assessed, our Intake & Assessment Counsellor will contact the young person’s referring counsellor to estimate an approximate intake date and arrange to speak with the youth directly. During this conversation we will set up a pre-intake either in person or over the phone (depending on how far away you live). The pre-intake is a chance for you to get more information about the program and for us to get to know more about you before you come in.

You can find more information about our program in the Program section of the website.

Call our Intake & Assessment Counsellor at 604-253-6319 if you would like more information.