Written by one of our residents:

Some lessons in life are portrayed as negative, and maybe hard to look through For the positive message. You may have role models in your life fall short from perfect in the way they present themselves life. You can use their mistakes and short comings as reminders, examples and tools to keep you motivated to stay on the right path. You, yourself could go beyond your own boundaries and guidelines, and be reprimanded for the occasion. Insted of dwelling on a Fault, strive to be more than what the conflict portrayed you to be.

There are the lessons in life that can be described as mysteries. They can be painful, or they could be completely irrevelent at the time they occur. You Family could stray apart, and although the pain is inevitable, in time you could see what the course of action could of been if it weren’t to happen. Your friends might slowly slip out of your life. You are confused, but if opptomism takes over, you can be aware it may have happened for a reason, maybe even to save you more problems and heartache in the future. You may strive for a goal that is unreachable at the time, later to find that when your determination is put to work, or that something better may come along in the Future. As long as you hold onto the expierences, they can have a way for in life, we are Faced with alot of conflicts, or Forks in the road to our journey and destinations. Some lessons are beneficial and can result in positive tools and expierences for us in our future. Some lessons are’nt  preferred, and hard to work through. However you can take these occasions as learning expiences and rise above them. Another type of lesson is the ones you don’t understand. They can be painful, and you might not understand why they are put on your plate at that point in time, but holding onto these lessens until you can feel they’re meaning and success is the end reward.

The positive lessons can be taught to us as children and can be absorbed and appreciated everyday. You can learn to not look down at anyone, and the result is humility, and understanding.  You can be honest, and be Followed with trust for the rest of your life. You can learn perserverence, hard work ethic, and determination. These are all quality’s  that will not only be put to use in profressional/business relations, but also will be beneficial in all of lifes tasks, and for you goals and dreams helping you to be your preferred self.

In conclusion, lessons in life are unique in their circumstance. They can be positive, negative, and a mystery. You can’t control them, or the situation but in my opinion you can control the outcome with your knowledge of virtues, opptomism, and hard mental + physical work.