Our Referral Process

The Peak House program is a 10-week, voluntary, all genders, live-in, substance misuse program for youth. We accept youth from across the province between the ages of 13-18 (inclusive).

We accept referrals from counsellors in the community. The involvement of the community alcohol and drug counsellor, whose role is providing an accurate assessment and referral, participating in treatment planning, providing follow-up counselling and assisting in aftercare planning, is essential. We strongly believe in the importance of ‘service matching’ clients to the appropriate resource, as such we rely on the expertise of community service providers to make appropriate referrals to our program.

Intake Criteria

• BC Resident
• 13-18 years old (inclusive)
• Willing to attend treatment (voluntary program)• Professional Support / Referring Counsellor
• Housing plan• Mentally and physically able to safely participate in group living / group therapy

Counsellors can access our referral package using the main menu bar or by clicking this link. Referral Package

Please contact our Intake & Assessment Counsellor if you need assistance.

Effective June 01, 2018 

Referals to the Peak House program are to be forwarded to Vancouver Coastal Health,Centralized Addictions Intake Team (CAIT). The team will be responsible for forwarding completed referrals to the admission committee.

Please send completed referrals to the CAIT Team                                                                         Fax 604-681-1894 or email to                                                                      Inquiries 604-675-2455 ext. 22501 (Monday to Thursday) Ext 22570 (Friday to Sunday)

No alcohol and drug counsellor? To find your nearest Alcohol and Drug counsellor contact the Alcohol & Drug Information & Referral Service at 1-800-663-1441 or look in our ‘resource’ section on this website.

Please have a look at our Youth Pre-Intake Information Guide2016 for program specific information.

Our Intake & Assessment Counsellor is available to help you if you need assistance.