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Peak House accepts referrals from counsellors in the community. The involvement of the community Alcohol & Drug Counsellor is essential — their role is to provide an accurate assessment and referral, participate in treatment planning, provide follow-up counselling and assistance in aftercare planning. We strongly believe in the importance of ‘service matching’ clients to the appropriate resource, as such we rely on the expertise of community service providers to make appropriate referrals to our program.

The referral can be completed electronically in Adobe Acrobat. Referring Counsellors are invited to forward completed referrals directly to Peak House by fax or email.

Intake and Assessment
Phone: (604) 253-6319
Fax: (604) 253-3581
Email: intake[at]

Referrals are forwarded to Vancouver Coastal Health, Centralized Addictions Intake Team (CAIT), and reviewed by the admission committee. For inquiries, please contact:

Phone: (604) 209-3705
Email: cait.youth[at]

Intake Criteria

  • Resident of British Columbia
  • Willing to attend treatment (voluntary program)
  • Professional Support / Referring Counsellor
  • Housing plan
  • Mentally and physically able to safely participate in group living and group therapy

Intake Process

Once a referral is accepted and a match in service assessed, our Intake and Assessment Counsellor will contact the young person’s referring counsellor to estimate an approximate intake date and arrange to speak with the youth directly. During this conversation we will set up a pre-intake interview either in person or over the phone. The pre-intake interview is a chance for youth to get more information about the program and for us to get to know more about the youth before they come in.

No Alcohol and Drug Counsellor? To find your nearest Alcohol and Drug counsellor contact the Alcohol & Drug Information & Referral Service at 1-800-663-1441 or visit our resources page.