Our mission is to support youth and families in British Columbia to find freedom from problematic substance use.

Peak House is a voluntary, ten-week, live-in, treatment program for youth experiencing problems with drugs, including alcohol. We operate within the harm reduction spectrum with a trauma informed, client centred, and social justice framework.

Established in 1988 by Pacific Youth and Family Services Society, the program serves youth from across British Columbia who, due to the serious nature of their substance misuse, require a more intensive level of service than can be provided in their home community.

Peak House has been internationally recognized for utilizing a unique, collaborative, youth-driven, community-based model of care. The roots of this approach are grounded in promoting change that lasts over time and social justice-informed approaches to therapy and counselling. The community at Peak House honours the wisdom and expertise that young persons and families possess and through this wisdom, the Peak House program has continued to grow and evolve.

Peak House has been accredited (CARF) and is licensed. We are proud member of The Federation of Community Social Services of BC.

Peak House was also the recipient of the Addiction Specialists & Allied Professionals of British Columbia (ASAP) Award of Excellence and the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors Professional Care Award for exhibiting special creativity in providing counseling and mental health care.

Collaboration & Community

We are committed to continuing our learning together, taking time to reflect on and acknowledge successes, as well as individually and collectively questioning our practices to address struggles.

Centring Youth Success

We maintain the success of all young people in our program by keeping their success at the centre of our planning and work, and ensuring that youth are uniquely supported in their individual therapeutic work.

Inclusion & Diversity

We welcome clients from all walks of life, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, genders and gender expressions. We are accountable toward clients and one another in regards to practices regarding gender, race, age, sexuality, social class, and disabilities. Read more...

Peak House Location

Peak House is located in a residential neighbourhood in Vancouver, British Columbia. We have 7 bedrooms and 8 beds, a full kitchen, livingroom, two group rooms, and a beautiful backyard. Youth have told us that the house feels comfortable, warm, safe and welcoming.

Watch this video for a virtual tour of Peak House


Peak House staff support clients throughout their stay and help them to reach their goals. We are committed to providing a safe, friendly, caring, non-judgmental and supportive environment. Our staff team includes six Youth Counsellors, two awake Overnight Staff, an on-call Youth Counsellor team, Nurse Practitioner, Administrative Assistant, Cook, Acupuncturist, Yoga Instructor, Cultural Elder, and Summer Life-skills Programmer.

Executive Director

James Kelly

James has been working in youth and family services in Vancouver for over 20 years — both in a front line and management capacity. He began his role as Executive Director at Peak House in 2009.

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Program Manager

Wendy Wittmack

With over 30 years experience working at Peak House, Wendy is the most senior member of the team. Her experience in the field, coupled with her experience as a mother, provides a unique and insightful set of skills and abilities that she brings to the program.

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Clinical Supervisor

Vikki Reynolds

As our Clinical Supervisor, Vikki works a few days each month. You will see Vikki in some group and sessions. Her main role is to provide the team with supervision and training related to counselling. Vikki is an Instructor with VCC, UBC and with City University in the Master’s Program.


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Administrative Assistant

Karan Sood

Karan joined Peak House in 2018 as the part-time Administrative Assistant. He has been working in different administrative positions for the last 19 years and he provides us the back-end strength with his unique expertise and experience. Karan is likely the person you will speak with when you call or email us at the office.

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Intake & Assessment Counsellor

Lina Silano

Lina has worked at Peak House since 2009 both as a Youth Counsellor and regular acting Intake & Assessment Counsellor. She has a background in addictions and working with marginalized persons.

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Clinical Counsellor

Megan Kadler

Megan is our full-time Mental Health & Addictions Clinical Counsellor. She is a believer in possibilities, connections, hope, and change. Her dedication is to honoring and valuing the unique perspectives, life experiences, and wisdom of each young person. She is thrilled to be joining the community of folks at Peak House and is inspired and motivated by the more than thirty-year history of the program.

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Clinical Counsellor

Graeme Sampson

Graeme is our part-time Mental Health & Addictions Clinical Counsellor. Graeme is honoured to work alongside youth and to bear witness to each young person’s unique strengths, experiences, and wisdom.

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Provincial Resource Teacher

Michelle Davis

Michelle joined Peak House in 2013 and she specializes in teaching mathematics and special education. She is committed to student-centred learning and takes great pride in developing positive and supportive relationships with students from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.

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Youth Counsellor Team

Rebeka Allen

Rebeka has been with Peak House since July 2018. She has a bachelor degree in psychology from Tarleton State University in Texas. One of her biggest goals is to create a safe, warm and fun environment at Peak House where youth are able to be their preferred selves and share their wisdom.

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Youth Counsellor Team

Carly Whitaker-Wilson

Carly joined the Peak House team in November of 2018. She is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and Expressive Arts Therapist. Her commitment is to highlight the wisdom, self-knowing, and resourceful qualities each youth have within themselves.Carly’s life outside of Peak is fueled by igniting her own creativity through music, dancing, and performance art.

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Youth Counsellor Team
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Overnight Staff
Laila Biergans
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Board of Directors

Pacific Youth and Family Services Society Board of Directors


Patrick Grayer

Patrick went to law school at the University of British Columbia and now works out of an office in East Vancouver where he mainly practices criminal and family law. He joined the Peak House board in order to be involved in providing services to youth in his community.

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Vice Chair

Caitlin Grisack

Caitlin has over 10 years’ experience facilitating and managing innovative programs in the criminal justice, education, and health care sectors. She specializes in conflict transformation, psychological safety, holistic health promotion, and delivering services to at-risk and vulnerable populations. Currently she is the Health & Wellness Solutions Program Manager at Pacific Blue Cross.

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Christine Smith

Christine is the Director of Development at Seva Canada and has more than 10 years experience working in and for the charitable sector.

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Emily Coates

Emily has been a full time Realtor with Sutton Centre since 2003 prior to which she worked in banking with RBC. In 2011, she obtained her Associate Brokers Licence and in 2014 her licence in Property Management.

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Marc Goffaux

Marc Goffaux

Marc was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil before moving to Canada to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in 2012. He quickly embraced the Vancouver community where he is proud to call it his home. When he is not working or visiting family abroad, you can find him enjoying either a cup of joe at your local coffee shop or hiking one our beautiful mountains.

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