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Fostering success, healing, and hope for over 30 years.

Peak House is a voluntary, ten-week, live-in, treatment program for youth seeking freedom from problematic substance use.We welcome youth of all genders/expressions, 13-18 years old.We are located in Vancouver, BC. Referrals are accepted from across the province.

Peak House has been in operation for over 30 years. We are licensed, accredited, and the recipient of several awards and numerous articles and publications.


“The structured schedule gave me predictability and a sense or organization. It helped me learn how to function, something I lost when I was caught up with where to get the next fix. Group living taught me how to set boundaries and how to have healthy relationships”. -Youth

"I don’t know where I would be without Peak House. I thought I had only such little time left. It was either jail, or death. If I did not chose Peak I would not be here. I am so blessed today, and life is so different now. Thank you. If you’re a youth looking for recovery, and stuck in a dark hole..this place will be your home and healing bubble". -Youth

"Finally, a place that felt like a home. Thank you for the care and support you provided! The staff helped challenge and encourage both our child and our family to move forward, focus on what our strengths were and make some important and difficult changes. Our family is in a better place than we knew was possible."

“I feel immense gratitude for having Peak House. The minute I walked in I felt like it was another positive step towards my child’s recovery.”


Peak House celebrated our 30th Anniversary!!!

We were published! Check out our Resources tab for a list of our recent publications.

Most recent awards include the Addiction Specialists & Allied Professionals of British Columbia (ASAP), Award of Excellence and the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, Professional Care Award for exhibiting special creativity in providing counseling and mental health care.