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If you are interested in employment or practicum opportunities at Peak House please send your resumé and cover letter “Attn: Program Manager” to admin[at]peakhouse.ca.

Practicum Placements

Peak House has a long history of offering practicum placements for students and community partners with the intention of supporting the development of professional and ethical competency in the field. In order to be transparent about the kind of practicum experience we offer at Peak House, here are a few aspects of the placement that you may want to consider:

The program is highly structured and you will be taking part in all aspects of the program including outings into the community and groups facilitated by the Youth Counsellor team.  Please take note, while other programs offer the possibility of accruing hours by working directly with clients in therapy sessions without direct supervision, this is not possible at Peak House. You will always be working alongside one of the two full-time Mental Health & Addiction Clinical Counsellors.

The duration of the practicum placement will vary depending upon the amount of hours required from your academic institution.  In the practicum application process, the expectations of your program will be discussed to see if Peak House can accommodate your practicum needs.

Although it is difficult to guarantee hours, you can roughly expect to receive 5 hours of direct client therapeutic work (individual and/or group therapy).  In the spirit of doing client centred work, the needs of the young people will precede your practicum needs. The experience of previous practicum students has demonstrated that more hours are often available.

Peak House offers a certified Registered Clinical Counsellor that will be available for ongoing supervision. The amount of supervision hours available will depend on the needs of your academic program and will take place in both individual and group formats. The Peak House staff team also receives ongoing supervision from Peak House’ own clinical supervisor.

If you are interested in applying for a practicum placement at Peak House, please forward your cover letter, resume, and a summary of your program’s expectations Attn: Program Manager” to admin[at]peakhouse.ca.

In the cover letter, please include your responses to the following questions:

  1. When you would like the practicum to start?
  2. How many hours would you like to complete at Peak House?
  3. What are the expectations of your practicum? List key expectations in bullet form.
  4. What would you offer Peak House during your time here?

All completed applications will be reviewed and we will contact you to arrange an interview.