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One Love Drug

Kaleidoscope is a 16-week film production program where youth become part of a small film production company. The program teaches film production and workplace skills.

In 2009, Kaleidoscope produced this short documentary showing the issues youth face in pulling away from drugs, drug culture, and the struggles faced when entering treatment.

The interviews are of youth talking about their experiences and treatment center workers from Peak House explaining what treatment is. The film centers around the need to want to quit and how when someone is addicted the drug becomes that person’s first love.

The struggles faced by someone who is currently addicted, who will deny they have a problem and how sometimes hitting rock bottom comes before treatment is even considered. One goal of the film is to make treatment seem like a more realistic option for those struggling with the concept and to address the stigma that surrounds drug users. Not every drug user is from a bad home and is poor, it is a drug culture.

For more information about Kaleidoscope please visit their website.

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