Rupture & Repair, Morally Courageous Dialogue with Vikki Reynolds, PhD, RCC

Rupture & Repair, Morally Courageous Dialogue with Vikki Reynolds, PhD, RCC

Rupture & Repair, Morally Courageous Dialogue with Vikki Reynolds, PhD, RCC

How to navigate morally courageous dialogues within a culture of accountability

Tuesday, February 11, 2020
9:30 am – 4:30 pm
STRETCH @ 180 East Pender St, Vancouver
Cost $135
Proceeds support Peak House

Vikki Reynolds, PhD, RCC will be joined by Sacha Médiné and Allan Lindley

Vikki’s work bridges the worlds of social justice activism and community work, bringing teachings from communities of struggle with histories of solidarity and ‘shouldering each other up’ in dark times. These communities are under attack from structural oppressions, mean spirited and cruel politics.


Together we will explore what is required to navigate the rupture and repair that exists when we have moral courage within cultures of accountability.

What is our stance for justice-doing that unsettles settlers, addresses colonialism and decolonization, and is intersectional?

How can we hold onto respect and dignity for each other when we’re struggling?

How can we hold on to our solidarity and our fabulous and painful histories of joint struggle against multiple oppressions including colonialism, white supremacy, legislated poverty, hetero-patriarchy, capitalism and the prison industrial complex?

How do we engage in morally courageous dialogue, with respect, across time, without getting caught up in using power-over practices or re-enacting the abuses of power we are fighting against?

How do we enact the analysis and justice-doing we want to create more of?

How can we nurture ‘Cultures of Accountability’, embrace hopeful skepticism, build solidarity and enact our collective ethics as social justice movements? How do we stay in the ‘Zone of Fabulousness’?

When resisting powers that work to divide us, how can we enact collective accountability, embrace groundless solidarity and infinite responsibility, and create an ethical stance of believed-in hope?

This workshop is for everyone. Those working in the helping profession both front line and managers, activists, those exploring ways to enhance individual and community conversations, anyone with a desire to strengthen their social justice lens, and develop skillful ways to engage in tough conversations, in tough times.